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Monday December 8th 2008: * ME AND MY GROUP * working session around group processes and configurations

December 1, 2008

6.30pm, chez V+M


21 Redwald Road
E5 0JG, London

See Map

6.30-9pm : session
9-11pm : dinner

How do we position ourselves within the groups we work with, and what do we expect from different forms of collective work? how do we think group processes, and conceive of them in relation to social and political dimensions as well as psychic and individual becoming? where do our desires lie with groups? We believe that to develop a culture around the micropolitics of group ecologies is a particularly urgent step facing the managerial turn of contemporary power relations. We would like to reflect upon and look beyond the slightly tired formats of the “liberal debate” or the “teacher-student” situations implicit in so many group setups. We would like to think together about our experiences and ideas regarding collective becomings – both from the psycho-subjective point of view and with regards to the ways in which we organize our group processes (particularly in political and cultural contexts).

In preparation for the session, during which we may experiment with some alternative discursive formats, we would like to suggest the following short texts, which have been translated informally for the purpose of our meeting (for full texts, see “temp texts links” page on this blog):

Gilbert Simondon, Individual and social time; Interiority groups and exteriority groups, in: L’individuation collective at les fondements du transindividuel, Ed Millon, Paris, 2005, p.293-295
David Vercauteren (with Thierry Muller and Olivier Crabbè), Micropolitiques des Groupes; Pour une écologie des pratiques collectives, HB Editions, 2007, pp.39-44
In French online at:

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