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Monday November 17th 2008: * FAITH * CRISIS * FUTURES *

November 14, 2008

Monday November 17th 2008

(former Union Bank of London)
95 Chancery Lane

How did we come to put so much faith and trust in bankers and other managers of finance capital, think of the future in terms of speculation and investment, and ultimately see economic growth as synonymous with our own best interests? How have these become hegemonic common sense and what is the role of emotions in this process: faith, trust, hope, anxiety and fear?

The session will be lead by Kirsten Forkert, Janna Graham and Francesco Salvini. We will be reading from the following texts:

JF Pixley ‘Beyond Twin Deficits: Emotions of the Future in the Organization of Money’, American Journal of Economics and Sociology, Oct 1999
Nikolas Rose, ‘Inventing Ourselves: Psychology, Power and Personhood’, Cambridge, 1998
Christian Marazzi. Measure and Value (excerpts)
Foucault, M. Hermeneutics of the Subject. Palgrave Macmillan. 2001 p.463-473.

You can find links to the texts (except the Foucault which we will read in the evening together) on our ‘Temporary Text Links’ on our blog (above), or on:


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