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Summer meeting with Radical Education Collective, Ljubjana

June 15, 2008

Micropolitics Events
JUNE, 2008

Friends from the Ljubljana-based Radical Education Collective will be in London for three days at the end of June to meet with local housing organisers, artists and educators. With them the Micropolitics Research Group will drift to two sites, in search of transversal alliances between sites of art, education and struggle.

Both events are free of charge and all are welcome!

I. 24 June, 7PM
Transversal Occupations
Report from the ROG Social Centre in Ljubljana and discussion
Bowl Court Social Centre

II. 25 June 17, 7PM
Arts Education in the Name of What?
Report from the Radical Education project in Ljubljana and discussion of London possibilities
Camden Arts Centre



I.Transversal Occupations
An informal report and discussion on the Rog Social Centre in Ljubljana
24 June, 7PM
Bowl Court Social Center, just off Plough Yard,
6 Bowl Court
London EC2A

Gasper Kralj, a member of the Rog collective will present on the current state of affairs in an occupied factory in Ljubljana currently under threat by local government. Rog is a completely furnished, programmatically innovative and well visited concert hall, circus and gallery. The social centre holds regular meetings and weekly discussions with workers living in boarding houses, activists from the asylum seekers home, people without papers, detained in the detention centre in Postojna, the erased citizens of Slovenia and others who recognise the creative, organisational and resistance potential of Rog. The temporary users of Rog represent an inexhaustible wealth of knowledge and experience. In many ways they have become an example to other autonomous spaces of independent art and cultural, intellectual and social activities both in Slovenia and in Europe.

The Rog factory proves that it is possible to organize life and labour without concessions to privilege and profit demanded by the capitalist city management and the advancing eradication of public spaces, including institutions of art, culture, education and social activities. As an active site of occupation, Rog’s users denounce all forms of eradication of such places and stand committed to defending them.

The event follows a meeting of European Social Center’s meeting to be held at ROG, 20-21-22 June
More information at:

II. Art Education in the Name of What?
25 June 2008, 7PM
A Report from the Radical Education Project in Ljubljana and
Public Roundtable Discussion
Camden Arts Centre
Arkwright Road
London NW3 6DG

Bojana Piskur and Adela Zeleznik and Gasper Kralj, members of the Radical Education Collective project initiated by the Moderna galerija will present on the convergence of groups using processes of militant research and popular education to organise transversally in Ljubljana. The Radical Education Collective has worked in the context of social centres, gallery spaces, the street and sites of formal education, bringing together and supporting the work of artists, housing and migration activists.

The starting questions for our discussion will be: Which pedagogical and affective processes become sites of seduction for the neo-liberalising forces of higher education, the programmatic engines of the corporate museum and accelerating waves of gentrification? How might arts education activities in London be re-oriented, reverse engineered to support specific sites of struggle?

Join us for presentations by members of the Radical Education Collective, local pedagogists and an informal discussion.


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