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Micropolitics Updates: April and May 2008

April 10, 2008

After a week and several events Brian Holmes in March, a presentation as part of Gasworks Disclosures series and extended discussions and planning sessions the Micropolitics Research Group constituted itself as a much broader base and aimed to diversify its work beyond inviting speakers and running one-off events. We decided that we should build a series of sites and experiences together over the coming months, in order that we have some more ‘material’ through which to imagine future modes of organising. We talked about the group holding a space where multiple reflections can take place, where different modes of action might occur and how we might work with other people, groups and sites from a micropolitical perspective. In this, we talked again about Free Labour as a line of situated inquiry. We decided to aim to meet roughly twice a month, once at a fixed location, and one drift to another site/ event each month. The following took place at the end of March, April and May:

Saturday MARCH 29th
Presentation and Discussion as part of Gasworks ‘Disclosures’ at Toynbee Hall
We spoke about the Micropolitics Research Group and issues around cultural work and free labour. We spoke about the history and format of the Photoromance and how we were trying to use this as a staging of aspiration and a tool for reflection and activation. See separate page on PHOTOROMANCE above.
Gasworks: Disclosures

Thursday APRIL 10th
“…there’s no number, just look for the black door, rap 3 times on the door with the piano pedals…”
nearest tubes: finsbury pk (victoria/piccadilly) 15 mins walk: archway (northern) 20 mins walk
Reading: Colletivo Situaciones text distributed via list.
At this event Richard Crow and Lucia Faranati spoke of the history of the Institute of Rot on the eve of their eviction/ relocation from the space. We discussed differences between independently run spaces in the early 1990s, and now in London, and what the current possibilities of another recession might produce. Richard spoke of de Certeau and Artaud and the necessity of secrets in an era of supposed transparency.

Tuesday APRIL 29th: Chelsea College of Art PhotoRomance Session.

Thursday MAY 1
MAY 1 is May Day and also the London Election. Ideas for use and material generated by the Chelsea Free Labour Photoromance workshop were brought to London’s Annual MayDay march.

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