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Franco Berardi (Bifo) Lecture, Feb 9th 07

February 12, 2007

Franco Berardi (Bifo) Lecture, February 9th, 2007bifo.jpg
I decided to leave Italy for a month because this month and next month, is the 30th anniversary of 1977. So I receive calls from journalists asking what I think, celebration and so on, so I escape from it, and I come here and I come here to talk about I don’t remember what – and I speak about 77. But its not the same situation. Why? Its easy to understand why. Because when a journalist asks me about 30 years ago and the 1970s in Italy, the central question of the interview is always violence. What do you think about violence… So please don’t ask me about violence or otherwise I become violent. Lets think about the Ramones… or something else. I want to talk about about the 70s but not in general, I want to talk about the complexity and ambiguity – the double face of the 77 event in Bologna. I would like to take some special notice of the Bologna specificity. What is the meaning of that year? Its not just an Italian event. It’s the year when Charlie Chaplin died…

Recording of lecture:


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